Liquid Funk (or just Liquid) is the term used to describe the smooth, soulful, sexy, jazzy, rollin’ style of Drum n’ Bass. This site is focused on that style of music, as well as the DJs who play and produce it.

I created this site back in 2004 to have a place to host my mixes for people to download. Shortly after that, I added mixes from friends to help promote them and their music as well as the drum n’ bass scene we have here on the west coast of Canada. Special thanks go to John B from Whitebird for bringing in some of the biggest and best DJs drum n’ bass has to offer, which has put Victoria on the dnb map. I just recently updated the site in October 2009, to give it a fresh feel and expand it to become more global, promote more DJs, and the music in general.

The Mixes

You can stream all the mixes from this site by pressing the play button. If you want to save the mix, right-click the green disk save icon and choose Save As. To check out the tracklist of a mix, click the icon that looks like a list, and the tracklist will unhide – click it again to hide it.

Not only will you find all types of Drum n’ Bass on this site, including Old School/Jungle, but you’ll also find some excellent Dubstep, Reggae/Dancehall and Rare Groove/Funk mixes from my friends.

The DJs

The Canadian DJs are friends I’ve met through the music, most of whom are from Victoria and Vancouver. Others represent various areas of Vancouver Island, Whistler and Toronto.

While the International DJs are not affiliated with this site, they are DJs I’ve opened for or would like to warm the bassbins for, as I rate all highly and love their music. My record collection is dominated by releases from these artists (and of course Mutt & Marcus Visionary as well). There are obviously many more artists whose music I respect, but I had to draw the line somewhere or the list would be huge! I have tried to put forth a well rounded group of DJ/Producers from all over the globe, who play and produce the smoother side of drum n’ bass, anyone interested in exploring this music should definitely be checking them out.

Ever since I first started playing records it has been my mission to illuminate the soulful side of drum n’ bass, which is currently known to most as the dark and hard electronic music genre. Hopefully this site will help achieve that by globally spreading the smooth vibes that are the sounds of Liquid Funk. Enjoy!