Since his early work for Dublin label Qaudrophonic in 1998, Calibre has always delivered a sound that delves below the all too often unsatisfying D&B surface.

His ability to bring a warm, natural feel to the digital landscape of drum n’ bass raised interest from Creative Source and Radio 1’s Fabio, leading to a critically acclaimed double album in 2001, entitled ‘Musique Concrete’. This opened the door to a new breed of dance floor capable, musically orientated D&B, as confident in its longevity as in its originality.

Fast forward to 2003 and Calibre’s own vision, Signature records has come to light. This imprint is the home for his own prolific studio output, offering unprecedented freedom to experiment and release music on his own terms.

Now, in 2009, Calibre is still going as strong as ever, releasing singles and full albums which include drum n’ bass, dubstep, house and down-tempo.

To summarize, this man is the master. A musical genius. His production in drum n’ bass is unrivaled and untouchable. There isn’t a drum n’ bass DJ anywhere in this world who doesn’t own at least one Calibre track.