ConditionRed Victoria, BC Victoria, BC

The journey of drum & bass throughout the years has taken us from the 20+ year old roots of hardcore rave to the frenetic amen-smashing ragga jungle and jump-up delerium of the mid-90’s, all the way to the polished and sophisticated liquid funk sounds of the 21st century… ConditionRed (Whitebird, VIC / Lighta!, VAN) has been there every step of the way.

Since 1992 he has been spinning the cream of the jungle crop on vinyl and is dedicated to all the different vibes and BPM’s throughout the history of the genre. He has been rolling with the B.C. jungle scene since it’s humble beginnings in back rooms and renegade setups, and has warmed up the crowd for UK giants such as Remarc, Kenny Ken, and Nicky Blackmarket.