Dezine Victoria, BC Victoria,

Hailing from Canada’s capital, Matt ‘Dezine’ spent his formative years deep into the east coast gabber/jungle scene. Dezine lived, slept, and breathed the amen break for most of his high school career. A mate in school had gotten an album signed to Warp Records, and it was through him that Dezine gained an appreciation for the more experimental varieties of the electronic musics. Such as ‘Mouse On Mars’, ‘Boards of Canada’ and ‘Aphex Twin’.

Early 2000 saw the relocation of Dezine from the east coast of Canada to the west. Matt instantly grew attached the huge and healthy west coast scene. The pumping funky sounds were unlike anything played out from the same genres back in the east. Matt knew he needed to start bringing his own blend of these beats to the masses. It took years locked away to hone the skills of throwing down amazing mixes. But now Dezine has been bringing a soulful fusion of sexy dark funk to dance floors all over Vancouver Island and all the way to Calgary.

In just under a year he has opened for the likes of Freaky Flow, DJ Sw@t, Benny Page, and dominated the beaches at last summers Soundwave. Dezine has also been deep in the studio banging out his own brand of self produced tracks. Expect to see some full releases from this beat designer in the times to come.