DJ Marky

At the age of 32, Marky is considered one of the greatest DJs on the planet. World citizen, he set up house in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian capital of electronic music.

Marky started to write his history in the ´80s and in the beginning of the ´90s he was already a phenomenon at the art of mixing and entertaining, being a pioneer in Brazilian land to work with the sounds of United Kingdom, Jungle and Drum N´Bass.

Around 94/95, Jungle became popular here thanks to the insistence of the, up to that time, beginners like Patife, Andy and Koloral, who were Marky´s partners since the very beginning. By the second half of the ´90s Marky already had his own radioshow, he was resident at the legendary TOCO, which used to be crowded every week with more than 5,000 people who came to enjoy the sound of the young master of turntables, who was then just a little more than twenty years old. In the same decade, he released and signed the first Drum N´Bass/Jungle compilation with Suburban Base Records (UK). He was awarded as DJ of the Year in Brazil in 95, 96 and 99.

In 1999 he was chosen the best DJ in the country by Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. Marky´s international success is very well documented and has significantly reflected on the Brazilian scene for more than ten years, because he is still the Disc-Jockey with more evidence in the electronic music scene of the country. His ability and technique have won fans all over the world and today, with his personality and charisma, he manages to attract crowds. With a massive coverage in Brazil, Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and Czech Republic, Marky became an authority on the floors of every country and city where he passed. The DJ goes on tour around the world for at least 6 months every year.

His album, Brazilian Job, was one of the best Drum N´Bass records in sales and one of the most successful for the time of its release. The version for the song Carolina Carol Bela, by Jorge Bem Jor, entitled LK, reached the 15th place in Britain´s Top Chart. The only artists who came close to this feat were Tom Jobim and Sepultura band. Marky managed to get a unique position that has never been reached before by a Brazilian artist in the English Charts.

Marky has been winning the audience in general that listen to other kinds of music, especially those related to old school (classic funk & soul from the ´70s and ´80s), which is something not many people know, because Marky is a passionate and inveterate lover of rare grooves & jazz.

A maniac vinyl collector, he owns one of the biggest classic collections anyone has ever heard of. He is currently in the vanguard of clubs and the Brazilian electronic music. He was a resident DJ at the Lov.e Club in the weekly night called VIBE for almost a decade in Sao Paulo, including guests of the highest level and importance in DB.

The distribution of the latest CD, In Rotation, in partnership with XRS (Xerxes), was by Universal Music, after years as an exclusive artist by TRAMA. Marky has started his new monthly night at The End, in London, in the second half of 2005, called marky & Friends, which takes his Top Deejays friends from many different nationalities to join him on the decks to play the sounds that influenced and inspired them in their lives, productions and, obviously, the new tendencies in electronic music worldwide beforehand. In the Marky & Friends nights people will certainly be surprised to see and listen to TOP DEEJAYS playing the real Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rare Grooves. The project also arrives in Sao Paulo/Brazil, where Marky will take on the decks at E-muzik in Vila Olimpia with his Friends and monthly will be able to show why he is the best of the world!