Electrosoul System

Electrosoul System is the production name of new Russian sensation Andrey Burtaev.

Goldie’s album “Timeless” was one of the main inspirations to Andrey’s progression as a musician, it was something that was making him come back to the studio every day and work on expressing different things in music. He dreamed that some day he’d be able to do something close to a masterpiece that “Timeless” is and put feelings in the music in a manner that will be as haunting and dramatic.

Discovering the world of enigmatic production duo Source Direct added more deeper edge to his production. But it was LTJ Bukem’s Progression Sessions compilation that completely pushed Andrey into the deeper side of things. That time he couldn’t dream that only few years later, in 2001, from submission from an easy hand of the Roman P. aka SMC P.R., he will find LTJ Bukem cheering on his music and immediately offering to release it on his Good Looking Records. Not only LTJ Bukem snapped up 3 tracks for his drum&bass label, but also 2 tracks for downtempo outfit Cookin’, Danny Bukem was overwhelmed by the new talent he discovered.

A year later Andrey was looking at Progression Sessions cd with his own music on it. He never felt more motivated in what he was doing. By that time Electrosoul System’s music was maintaing a strong pressence in dj sets of Good Looking residents LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Future Engineers, plus Big Bud and Blame who now parted GLO. But eventually Andrey started to feel an urge to explore other dimensions of drum&bass sound. He went back to experimenting with harder edged vibes, adding more dancefloor impact to his tracks, producing unique blend of techno influenced edginess and almost blinding sonic depth.

These days you can see almost any style of d&b coming out of Electrosoul System’s studio, yet it’s almost impossible to mistake it for something else, the unforgettable depth is always there. Eclectic approach to expression is the key thing for Andrey at the moment: house music, downtempo, breakbeat are amongst those genres that you can find him producing with side projects.