Born and raised on the mean streets of Robert’s Creek, Given, AKA Given, started his musical journey when he was 8, when he discovered a Reggae record collection belonging to his Dad. It was at this moment that Given knew he wanted to be part of ‘The Scene’.

He first became interested in the electronic music scene in 1994. In 1995, aged 16, his grandma died and he blew his entire inheritance on turntables, a mixer and everything else he needed to become the Master of Disaster. At the age of 17, he was already being touted as Robert’s Creek’s answer to Roni Size. In 1998, he achieved his big break when he won a competition to carry Calibre’s record bag to an exclusive rave, which Given described as the greatest night of his life. He did various warm up sets before the doors opened in clubs, hosting major names such as Special Ed, Manos One, oldschooler Jimmy Jam and many more. In 2004, he succeeded in collecting every release in Ram Records’ back catalogue, which caught the attention of Moving Fusion. It was after this point when he started getting gigs at big events such as Soundwave, Summer Knights, DICA and his own wedding.

After receiving several offers, and stalking his idol, Tedder, (and by keeping his cat hostage) Given joined Liquid Funk Recordings, who helped distribute his first internet release, ‘Taken’ many years back. Though his mix tape didn’t sell as many as he probably would have liked, Given is a fighter and since 2008 has been locked in his bedroom studio perfecting his craft.

Suffice to say, the Drum and Bass scene should be expecting big things from Given in 2009.