Mr. McCue

Born in Nanaimo Chris McCue grew up in a family of long time Vancouver Island residents. Staying there for his entire younger years and teens he was influenced hugely by his mom’s, and older kids in the neighbour hoods music. With a steady stream of funk, reggae, and old school hip hop he quickly gained an appreciation for all things funky. And especially found his hears consentrating of the breakdown of tracks. A big fan of “Rap City” on much music he was introduced to “Planet Rock” and found himself into anything dance.

One day in 1995 he was digging through his moms many tapes and came across a “95 dance mix” album where one of the tracks happend to be Shy FX and UK Apache’s “Original Nuttah”…………he was dumfounded at this new sound he had never heard before and wanted more right now. Not knowing where to find said sound he waited three long years till 98′ when he heard a live recording of Jumping Jack Frost and Mc Dynamite rekindeling his intrest in the music and viciously hunting down any tape he could find.

Moving to Tofino, in 1999, with his best friend Dj Drift (a scratch Dj now based out of Montreal) Chris had the opportunity to buy his own vinyl and practice on Drifts tables. Slowly he built his collection and formed a crew with other Djs know as S.P.D.M. until he finally played out for the first time in 2003, to a hyper responsive crowd, on a huge system. Hooked from that time he has been rollin’ out all styles of DnB with heavy doses of dubrock, liquid and new jump up for good measure ever since.