Random Movement

Ever since the 2005 anthem “Stars in the Dark” flew up the charts, Random Movement has captured the attention of every forward thinking drum and bass pusher and shaker, paving his path to the top. With a host of releases on such labels as Innerground, Creative Source, Bingo, Liquid V and Bassbin amongst many others, Random Movement’s music is stirring the pot of creativity and soulful vibes, infusing both deep and uplifting emotions into his rush of beats and bass. Characterized by his love of Jazz, Soul, Funk and Dub styles, his sound reaches across musical boundaries and genres, evoking a whole host of feelings from memories past.

His DJ’ing abilities combined with his selection of anthem classics and next-step tunes have gotten him bookings around the world, catching the ears of fans both young and old.

With a radio show on Bassdrive, tours of both US coasts, Europe and Austrailia planned, and multiple singles as well as a full-length album due out within the year, 2009 is proving to be a big year for R_m.