Yo! What’s happening? It’s your boy DJ Soda and this is my bio.

I started DJing when I was 17 while growing up in Toronto. I used to play hip-hop on 45 with the pitch way down so it would sound like the breaks I was hearing at raves. When high school was over I moved to Whistler, BC to be a snowboard bum. My days were spent riding powder, while rocking the slope side clubs at night. In Whistler I met DJ Vinyl Ritchie who helped me gain my first club residency at his night at Maxx Fish in the heart of Whistler Village. As gigs started to come steady in Whistler, I decided my next step should be to move to the big smoke of Vancouver to try my hand at the city club scene.

In Vancouver, I linked up with a local DJ/ promoter by the name of Kevin Priceless. We formed TwentyHz, a breakbeat focused Promotions Company that debuted the breakbeat worlds top acts to the west coast of Canada. With TwentyHz throwing packed jams at the biggest clubs in the city, my next logical move was to launch TwentyHz into a record label. I teamed up with good friend DJ Angst whom I met while working my day job at the now defunct Boomtown Records. Angst and I started TwentyHz Music, which dropped three releases, of which all three were charted by breakbeat and electronic music’s top DJs, with our last release “The Hollywood North EP” reaching #1 on Juno’s Breakbeat chart. My only released track to date is a remix that I did with Pacific under the alias Karma on the first release from TwentyHz Music, DJ Wood’s “Bun Dem”. That remix actually got Karma coined as “ones to watch” from Rinse Magazine. I guess we should have done another track together.

After a year running the label Angst and I felt the pressure of being a vinyl label in a new-found digital world, so we went our separate ways and dissolved the label. I began spinning drum-n-bass and garnered a residency with my boys at Automatic, the west coast’s premier drum-n-bass promoter. During those early Automatic years I met an MC that I found chemistry with. Myster E MC and I began to perform together on the road and in studio. We produced two mixtapes, “Automatic VIP” & “Drum-n-Bass Love”, with both mixes drawing the admiration of drum-n-bass fans worldwide, getting downloaded by thousands on the internet.

I’m now over a decade in the game and my time spent hustling behind the decks has been amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to have played all over the world with some of my idols in music. I still love the music, still love the vibes. Drum-n-Bass music will always be very special for me. It’s a community as much as it’s a sound and that’s why I love it so much.

Before I go, I got to say a big up to all the Automatic family, Jay-Auto, Pacific, Dabbler, Effect, Myster E, Angst and Special Ed. Massive respect to C1rca and big thanks to the man Tedder for featuring my profile on this site.