Special ED


Special ED has been DJing Drum n’ Bass and Jungle since 1996, influenced heavily by the Ragga and Jump-Up styles of the time. Ed rapidly mastered the art of mixing records and was playing a crucial part in Victoria’s early Drum n’ Bass scene by 1997. By the end of the 90’s, through his involvement with Whitebird Records and pure dedication to his music – he had amassed one of the largest collections of wax, as well as one of the longest résumé’s of any DJ in Victoria.

Since 2000 Ed has resided (or played at least once) at every regular Drum n’ Bass function in Victoria, working with various production companies such as Whitebird Records, 420 Kru and Ground Level Productions. Special ED has played alongside some of the VIP Drum n’ Bass – Jungle DJ’s and producers to grace Victoria.

Now living in Vancouver Special ED has teamed up with Soda and Myster E MC to form the Van City Bass Crew as well as joining the Automatic Crew with Pacific, Auto, Dabbler, Soda, Angst, Effect and Myster E. Ed has held a residences at Shine, Cyber and most recently at Republic alongside Soda, Matty Pacific, Dabbler and Jay Auto.