Zero T

Zero T started out way back in 1998 as a fresh faced youngster at Dublin’s now legendary Bassbin Night, supporting the likes of Ed Rush, Matrix, Fierce etc… In late 99 just as Zero’s vinyl debut was dropping on Bassbin001 the mighty 4 Hero snapped up some tracks that he and new cohort Beta 2 had done. This lead to an EP and a 12″ on Reinforced, the daddy of all DnB labels and not a bad start at all! Soon Zero and Beta2 were getting to meet the likes of Klute, Fabio, Total Science, Goldie, Digital, Bailey, Flight, Storm, Doc Scott and so 2001 there was releases coming thick and fast on labels like Subtitles , Commercial Suicide , Function and Advanced.

Along with establishing themselves as ‘the Irish Guys’ in DNB land, a certain Dominic Martin aka Calibre had been helping them out all along the way. Zero and Calibre met before his 1st LP was done through mutual friends and kept in touch all the while. This has since led to many colaborations with the little genius, notably the Waterfall 12″ on Signature which was a big hit in 06.

Fwd to 2007 and Zero T relocates to London, working closely with Bryan G and Jumping Jack Frost’s V Recordings Camp, Artificial Intelligence’s Integral Records and starts an LP for Total Science’s CIA imprint.The Resulting LP “Cheap Shots” is releases in June 08 to positive reviews across the board. Heavily featured is Dublin Vocalist Steo , his falcetto tones gracing the Single 12″ WALK AWAY. Other contributors included Alix Perez, MC Conrad, Icicle, Bailey and Riya (then called “Ell”)

After touring extensively right through to early 09, Zero is now plotting his next steps includings releases on Subtitles, Shogun Audio, Good Looking, Liquid V, Integral and Metalheadz amongst others. Remixes of 93 Techno classic Positive Education by Slam , up and coming Bands One eskimO and All Thieves and is launchin his own label at the end of the year….hold tight for more on that one!!!